How to Discuss Managerial Experience for Promotion Interviews


By Sunday Tollefson, MBA, PMP® 

Q. How do I get delegation experience to prove that I have management potential?

A. Do you need to be a boss to become a boss? Not really. Popularized behavioral interviewing techniques have created the opportunity for you to reflect on specific experiences rather to answer questions. You need leadership moments, not formal positional leadership authority, to demonstrate your ability to influence people towards a goal.  Start by understanding what matters to the people you need to take action. 

Techniques for developing delegation or leadership:

  • Create growth opportunities for others inside of your work. You might encounter someone in another group who is interested in your work. Give them a task that supports your work. 
  • Provide feedback to them and highlight their work to your stakeholders.
  • Delegate outside of your current job. For example, hire a housekeeper or a personal assistant. Bonus: in this way, you are using your...
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