How to Build Trust by Learning Conflict Resolution Skills

Jul 09, 2019

By Sunday Tollefson, MBA, PMP® 

Is there a disagreement at work that is blocking project or initiative that matters to you? How can you facilitate a solution?

Conflict Resolution is a skill that not only solves problems; it also builds trust. This precious trust gives you a significant ability to influence others. When you can influence others, you can lead. All effective leaders are effective influencers. Let's get you leading by demonstrating your ability to influence!

Here are a few points you don't want to miss when resolving a conflict at work. 

  • Have you missed any impacted or relevant stakeholders? 
  • Have you built the parties' trust in your ability to help prior to agreeing to the resolution process? 
  • Do the parties desire a resolution?
  • Do the parties have a common goal?
  • Have you set expectations for the resolution seeking process?
  • Have you listened without judgement and restated positions to test for understanding?
  • Have the parties brainstormed solutions together?
  • Have the parties agreed to the resolution?
  • Has the resolution been formalized and documented?

When people learn that they can trust you in this way, they will seek you out when they encounter a problem. Having the trust of your colleagues is more important than having a title, studies show. 

© Sunday Tollefson

What resolution strategies have you seen or used to resolve conflicts at work? At home? Share some great tips with other members of the community so we can all get better at removing blocks and advancing our projects!

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