How to Be a Star Performer: Little "L" Leadership

Aug 20, 2019

By Sunday Tollefson, MBA, PMP® 

This week's microlearning subject is the sixth in a nine-part series from the book "How to be a Star Performer at Work: Nine Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed," by Robert E. Kelley. 

The sixth strategy is LEADERSHIP.

But not the leadership you might be thinking of. This leadership is the kind that comes without a title and exists in small, consistent behaviors that move the right needle forward on your career.

Coined as "Little L Leadership," this work style focuses on optional productive leadership in lieu of an imposed management-assigned structure.  This type of leadership is conferred voluntarily by your colleagues, who grow to respect for at least one of three areas: knowledge, people skills, and momentum. 

Knowledge is displayed as functional expertise, perspective expertise, or process expertise.

People skills are demonstrated by understanding coworker needs, skills, aspiration, ad power - plus singling them out for praise and credit.

Momentum is generated with contagious enthusiasm, energy, and communication which drives the project to completion. 

Remember, people are watching you NOW to see if you influence others to determine if you have leadership potential. The time to upgrade your game is now. 

Watch the video to learn more about how and why to grow your "Little L Leadership" to grow your career today and ten years away. 

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