How to Be a Star Performer: Multiple Perspectives

Aug 06, 2019

By Sunday Tollefson, MBA, PMP® 

This week's micro-learning subject is the fourth of a nine-part series from the book "How to Be a Star at Work: 9 Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed" by Robert E. Kelley.

The fourth strategy is PERSPECTIVE. Star performers develop well-rounded understanding of their field which leads to pattern recognition skills valued by colleagues and influencers. Stars beat out average workers by understanding these five perspectives:

  • Colleagues. Stars solicit critical perspective to improve their work and enhance professional standing. 
  • Customers. Stars work to understand what customer needs and motivations are even if they don't work closely with customers.
  • Competitors. Stars often have intimate knowledge of the competitors products and can do a point by point comparison with their own product.
  • Company Management. Stars know their bosses goals or vision.
  • Creative Dissonance. Stars build multidisciplinary internal resumes and think across multiple disciplines.

Stars have the courage and self confidence to build perspective searches around these five areas into their daily routines. 

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