How to Be a Star Performer: Networking Strategies

Jul 23, 2019
This week's micro-learning subject is the second of a nine-part series from the book "How to Be a Star at Work: 9 Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed" by Robert E. Kelley.

The second strategy is NETWORKING. But not just any networking, this is how star performers uniquely manage their professional networking practice to reap great rewards. 

Networking, more than another skill in this series, can have dramatic impact on the speed, quality, and quantity of your outputs. 
Star performers:
  • View network knowledge as a privilege that must be earned, and traded, not as a public resource.
  • Carefully cultivate network participants using connection and value as necessary groundwork.
  • Include small courtesies and are the model of politeness when dealing with network sources. 
  • Act as solid vouchers and reference pointers, sharing network connections.
  • Prepare well, studying the applicable subject matter, summarizing attempts to solve the problem, and crafting excellent questions. 
  • Lavishly credit others in their network both privately and publicly for even small contributions.
  • Make sure to deposit goodwill into their network to invite trading, and hold up their end of the bargain when delivering value.
  • Differentiate social and knowledge networks and invest in them differently. 
  • Take their network with them when they change jobs, companies, or industries.

Star performer networks are more knowledgeable and more effective than those of average workers.  

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